Aromatherapy pt. 3 – Tools of the Trade

Welcome to part three of this series on essential oils. In part two I listed my top three must-have essential oils and in part one I talked about how to test whether an essential oil was the real deal or not. If you haven’t read my blog posts please check them out here [Part Two] and here [Part One].

Now for the disclaimer. The contents in this blog are NOT medical advice and are not meant to replace the advice given by medical professionals.

Something I love about aromatherapy is that there are a variety of ways for using essential oils. From diffusers to oil carrier methods, there’s something to suit most everyone’s tastes. Here are one ones I typically use.

Oil Carrier method – Essential oils are extremely concentrated essenses of a plant and therefore not recommended for direct skin contact. Depending on skin sensitivity, a skin reaction may occur due to the concentration levels. To reap the benefits from essential oils, users can add a few drops of their oil to a oil carrier such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil.

Roller Ball method – This is a great method for taking your essential oils on the go. You simply take any oil carrier method recipe and place it into a roller ball vial. Whenever you feel the need or want, simply roll the essential oil on your skin for a quick and easy application.

Difusser method – There are two types of difussers: mist and dry aroma. Both of them emit the scent of the essential oils into the air. While the mist difusser method uses water to send a steady light mist into the air, the dry aroma difusser method uses only air. The more popular choice is the mist diffuser but both of them have their benefits and drawbacks. I currently use a dry aroma difusser because the humidity is extremely high where I live and I do not wish to increase those levels.

Mist Bottle method – I use this method in gardening to mist my plants with a 30 to 1 dilution of water to peppermint oil. Personally, I think it helps to deter pests. On another note, the mist bottle method is a great way to replace those toxic air freshener sprays.

I’m sure there are other ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. These happen to be the ones I use. And yes, I intentially left out drinking essential oils. In my opinion, it is not for human consumption.

Smile Wonderfully,


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